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Happy New Year!!!!

Helle everyone,

I hope you all had some wonderful celebrations. I wish you all the best in this new year.

We kept it small on the 31st of december; just at home with the kids and the countdown and fireworks at 8.30pm, so the kids could go to bed. It was cosy and chilled out.

But we did start the New Year in style; we went to London for the weekend. Just me and my husband. I can't imagine the last time we went on a trip just the two of us.

At first we were a bit uneasy, a feeling like we had forgotten something, but it was nice to just walk around without a stroller for once, carrying a diaper bag, drinks and cookies. We could actually have a nice and quiet meal and didn't need to be back in the hotel by 8.00pm to put the kids to bed.

We enjoyed really long walks and the weather was amazing. By the second evening I was regretting to only bringing my Ugg's to London. My feet were killing me, but that always gives us a good excuse to buy new shoes :-)

It was amazing just the two of us, short but fun. I really needed this as a fresh start for the new Year that will come. Hopefully a year with lots of fun times, good health and moving in to our new house.

Happy New Year!

x Mieke

PS: If you follow me on Instagram, you can see more pictures @ini_mini_mie

My brand new sneackers!!!!


Christmas is coming


Christmas is approaching, I love it so much. Yesterday I had my first Christmas party with my lovely colleagues. We picked cards last month to buy a gift under €5. Those are the most challenging gifts, because you really need to find something unique, fun & quirky. My colleague loved the present I got her. Turkey earrings and Christmas socks.

How cool are these?

Gift giving is at its absolute finest during the Christmas season. Are you ready with your Christmas shopping? I'm all sorted; I love to buy my gifts all year round. I hate to do last minute shopping. 

My personal wish list this year is really simple:

- First of all, my main wish is to stay healthy and happy in 2015
- I hope our house will be finished by summer and that we can have our small family back.

I also have a small gift list:
- I do love a good oversized woolly cardigan
- I'm in desperate need of some new sunglasses. These Ray Ban’s are divine.
- The perfect perfume for me is the Hugo Boss Femme.
- A new watch is always a super nice gift
- And last but not least: a beautiful statement necklace makes me very happy

But as I said before, the main thing is to stay healthy and enjoy my little family!

I wish you all amazing holidays!!!

Big kisses




Designers Against Aids


Today is World AIDS Day. This is the perfect opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV. The company where I work for did something to mark World AIDS Day.

SOCK YOU is a Belgian-based sock design company creating unique socks for really cool people! This year they worked together with our company for Deisgners Against Aids. I really love this collection and think that these socks would be the perfect gifts for Christmas.

© ••jbc

© ••jbc

© ••jbc

© ••jbc

© ••jbc

Which ones do you like the best? I really like the sailor ones :-)

That's my first Christmas gift tip and on the plus side; 25% of all proceeds go towards Designers Against Aids.

© ••jbc
© ••jbc
© ••jbc
© ••jbc
© ••jbc
© ••jbc
© ••jbc
© ••jbc
© ••jbc

You can shop them here 

Untill next time x



NO in November

Hello followers,

I have been feeling ill these last couple of days. So perfect time for a new post.

My husband gave me an idea for this one. He wants to quit a bad habit for one month in 'NO'vember.

I thought I might do the same. I got really inspired by a post of a girl who says blogging changed her as a person, but not in a good way. She said she lived for her fake friends, got as many likes as possible, took selfies with people she hardly knew... So that's why I'm doing this...

'NO'vember equals

- Clearing out my list of friends on Instagram and Facebook. So NO to people who don't really care or want to be my friend!

- NO to all the haters! I know there are some people who talk bad behind my back. I'm a strong person, but it really does hurt my feelings. 

So what are your NO's in November? Please let me know!




Happy Halloween

Hello there,

The leaves are falling from the trees; it's getting colder, darker... Almost time for Halloween!

I never understood the fuss about Halloween until I lived in England. We never celebrated this in Belgium when we were little. It's only a common thing for a few years now.

When I lived in England we would spend days making our costumes, loved it. Now it's more a thing with the kids: Making pumpkin soup or other spooky food... I love the website of Annabel Karmel. 
Here you'll find the yummiest recipes for children. Check out these Halloween bites here.

So what are your spooky plans?



Roadtrip with my bff's...


One thing I have learned over the last couple of years is that many friends come and go, but only the real ones are in for the long run. I'm very lucky to have a few of them.

I just got home from this amazing trip with my best friends from Uni. We are friends for over 10 years. We met in the first days on our first year as graphic design students, up till now we're  still friends... Super proud! With two of them we went to Uni in Exeter, one stayed at home.

I love them so much and every time we see each other we feel like 18 again!

So last week I went on this roadtrip with Ellen and Charlotte. One of our English friends was getting married and that is of course the best excuse ever to go on a little roadtrip. It was hard to leave my men at home, but I really enjoyed it.

On wednesday we left. After work I had to pick up Ellen in Antwerp and then we drove straight to Charlotte, who drove us to Calais. First stop in England was Basingstoke. I think we were in good company :-) as you can see below.

After an amazing fry-up in the morning, we were off to Exeter. It really is my second home. I lived here first on my own and then my friends joined me the year after. I still have a soft spot for this amazing city.

After some shopping we went to see Gemma and her lovely family. So nice to see her too! She lives in this amazing town St.Austell, not much to do but it's such a beautiful place. Don't you think? The weather was also really amazing! I had the best dessert ever here: Eton Mess; love it.

The next day we went of to Porthtowan. We met up with our other friend Tara for her last meal as a bachelorette. It was such a nice evening!

On Saturday we had the wedding. Hardly saw anything so special and intimate. It was right near the beach, so magical. It was probably one of the coolest ceremonies I have ever seen! Followed by some Kirr and Fish 'n Chips. Later on, the festivities moved to another venue. We had some Tortilla's with amazing salsa as a starter, then Chili con Carne as a main, followed by Mister Whippy in his Icecreamvan. I had an amazing 99 flake :-) Later on there were also really appetising pizza's to keep you moving all night.

The day after we were a bit sad of course; we had to say goodbye again to our amazing friends... Off to Exeter again. We did a bit of last minute shopping and then we left to Portsmouth. Our last stop. Because it was sunday we had to have a roast to finish off.

On monday it was mainly driving to the ferry for the journey back home. It was an amazing trip and I miss my friends already...